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HaseebLegal LLC is an Illinois firm formed in 2019 operating out of Downtown Chicago, IL. Haseeb Legal serves as an agent to clients all over the United States and provides legal representation to businesses.


Haseeb Legal was formed with the creative beginner in mind. Ideas are valuable and shouldn’t require the capital that only large organizations can afford in order to acquire legal representation in order to put those ideas in motion. We believe that startups, brands, and businesses should be able to get the same representation as well-funded organizations without being burdened by the same costs associated with legal work. Companies, brands, designers, influencers, and creatives in the beginning stages of their venture and endeavors hesitate to hire representation in fear of having to dish out unreasonable sums for legal work that is necessary to protect their ideas and work. Meanwhile, well-funded start-ups and individuals with resources are able to employ large firms to do the same work that we do.

We recognize that cutting costs and overhead is essential to the success of businesses that are starting out. Haseeb Legal works with its clients to ensure that they get the quality of representation of the large law firm for the costs that a startup can afford, leaving more capital to spend on investing back into the organization.


Contact us with your inquiries. We we are more than happy to schedule a phone call or a meeting to discuss your project or legal needs. We will help you determine which of our offerings would be the best fit for you or your organization.

We work closely with clients in a number of industries across many regions throughout the US.


We represent businesses at different levels of maturity. Some of our representations involve putting an idea into action by helping clients form their proper business structure. We also help startups get the ball rolling with the legal side of things.

Some of our business clients are a little more mature than those at the startup stage. We provide outside general counsel services that allow our business clients to capture us as firm for legal matters that come up in the normal course of business. This involves contract reviews, drafting, advisory services, demand letters, etc.


Our IP clients include brands seeking to protect their intellectual property from infringers. Whether our clients are seeking to file their trademarks and respond to complicated USPTO office actions or seeking to take actions against infringers.


Our creative clients range from fashion brands to social media influencers. Our representations also include wide array of content creator: photographers + recording artists + youtubers. We serve as an agent to creators and work to get the deal done

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If you are interested in possible representation by Haseeb Legal LLC, please call our main office at 954.225.4934. Leaving the requested information on this call will initiate our conflict of interest checking procedure, and see that you are put in touch with the lawyer best suited to handle your matter. When you receive an engagement letter from that lawyer, you will be our client, and the two of you may exchange information freely.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Every matter is different.


Haseeb Legal LLC is a registered limited liability corporation. Principal office – Chicago, IL.

Haseeb Legal LLC is accepting applications for Summer Associates, externships, and entry-level associates. We put the focus on our diverse talent and allow our employees to be at their best, everyday — we believe that successful employees translates to client success. Whether you are an attorney, law clerk, paralegal, administrative or business professional, you can find a great career here.

The ideal Haseeb Legal candidate will include the following:

  • Top law school
  • Top of graduating class
  • Journal experience
  • An interest in intellectual property and representation of high profile clients
  • Externship experience
  • Strong legal research and writing skills
  • A desire to grow within a firm

If this sounds like you, please email us with a resume or LinkedIn profile link.  Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.