[lab_heading title=”Contracts: Negotiation | Drafting | Review”][/lab_heading]
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[lab_service_box_content description=”Never sign anything without knowing what you are getting yourself into. Our contract lawyers are experts on all aspects of contract law. We make sure that you know what is enforceable in your agreement and what is not. Let us review your agreement to make sure that you understand what is in it before you execute it.” title=”Review”][/lab_service_box]
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[lab_service_box_content title=”Negotiations” description=”Our contract negotiation services gives you a thorough review of the proposed contract; a review of pricing terms; conditions and service terms; proposed resolutions to disagreements in terms and conditions; a comparison to other similar contracts in the marketplace; and finding the meeting point that leaves both the supplier and buyer satisfied with the contract.”][/lab_service_box]
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[lab_service_box_content title=”Drafting” description=”Whether you need a standard agreement for your deal or a bespoke contract where boilerplate or standard form contracts are not suitable, Haseeb Legal has you covered. The complexity of the deal does not matter, we can reduce it to an enforceable writing.”][/lab_service_box]