[lab_heading title=”We represent consumers against debt collectors”][/lab_heading]
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[lab_service_box_content description=”The fair debt collection practices act protects debtors from the deceptive, abusive, and unfair practices of debt collectors in attempting to collect debts on behalf of creditors.

Debt collectors are notorious for lying to debtors to get them to pay their debts. They are also known to make harassing calls and use deceptive tactics to get you to pay. If this happens to you, reach out to us for a FREE case evaluation.

We represent our clients against debt collectors at absolutely no cost to you. “][/lab_service_box]

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[lab_service_box_content title=”Has a debt collector done any of the below to you? Call us!” description=”1. Tried to collect on a debt that you do not owe – again and again
2. Use of profanity or obscene language
3. Threatening to harm you, garnish your wages, take you to court, or seize your property
4. Lied to you
5. Told others about your debt
6. Excessive phone calls – or calls in the early morning or late night
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[lab_service_box_content title=”Collection Letters” description=”There are a number of rules under the FDCPA (the fair debt collection practices act) that debt collectors have to comply with in sending their debt collection letters. If something about a debt collection letter appears deceptive to you, contact us to evaluate your debt collection letter for FREE!”][/lab_service_box]
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[lab_service_box_content title=”Compensation” description=”If you’ve suffered emotional distress, physical distress, or other damages for debt collection harassment, the FDCPA allows for you to obtain compensation for your injury for up to $1,000. Contact us to discuss the potential to recover this remedy.”][/lab_service_box]