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What is Midland Credit Management (MCM)?

Midland Credit Management, Inc. is a debt collector in the United States. They engage in third-party collections. MCM operates under the guise of helping consumers pay back consumer debt, however, they have engaged in alleged deceptive, abusive, and harassing tactics in order to collect debt from consumers. MCM has been in business since 1953. Midland collects on behalf of all sorts of creditors: banks, hospitals, phone companies, etc. If you have been subject to such abuse, deception, or harassment from Midland, use the contact form to let us help you with your potential Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims against Midland.

Midland Credit Management
350 Camino De La Reina
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92108

What is the difference between first-party collections and third-party debt collectors? 

“First-party collections” refers to a company attempting to collect a debt on its own. These types of companies are normally not subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (the FDCPA). The FDCPA has limited application, only to debt collectors. A first-party collection occurs, usually within the accounts receivable department, to collect on unpaid invoices. 

“Third-party collections” is when a company sells or places the debt with a collection agency, like MCM. This is when collection efforts are made by a company other than the original creditor. Third-party debt collectors are subject to the FDCPA. 

How do you know if MCM called you?

You can usually determine whether a collection agency is the one that called you if you enter their phone number into Google. A search result should reveal whether MCM was the collection agency that was responsible for the phone call. Some common phone numbers that MCM has been known to use are below:

  • 877-309-9445
  • 404-847-9210
  • 888-231-8060
  • 404-537-0502
  • 888-640-3806
  • 800-825-8131
  • 425-793-3172
  • 888-497-4454
  • 866-224-9824
  • 347-380-8981
  • 678-258-5000
  • 617-224-9664

If you get a call from any of these numbers, or get a call from a number that you determine to be used by Midland Credit, then you can determine whether there is harassment and a potential violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. For example, if you see a missed call from this number before 8am or after 9pm on any given day, this means that MCM is potentially in violation of the FDCPA for contacting you at an unreasonable time.

How might MCM harass you?

We put together this list of ways that a debt collector can harass a consumer. The actions in this list are actual violations of the FDCPA. If MCM has done anything in the below list to you, they are liable to you for money damages. 

  1. The fair debt collection practices act forbids debt collectors from calling consumers at odd hours. Typically, a debt collector cannot call you early in the morning (before 8am) or late at night (after 9pm).
  2. The debt collector is forbidden from disclosing your debt to anybody but you. If they tell anybody else about your debt, they have violated the FDCPA. This doesn’t mean that a debt collector can call others to look for you, but they cannot disclose to them that it is with regard to a debt.
  3. The debt collector must candidly tell you that they are a debt collector and that they are attempting to collect a debt and must disclose who the original creditor is.
  4. A debt collector has a duty to send you validation of the debt if you request it.
  5. A debt collector cannot pretend to be a Court or a federal authority.
  6. A debt collector must stop calling you if you tell them to cease calls in writing.
  7. A debt collector cannot threaten legal action or lie to you to pressure you into paying the debt.
  8. A debt collector cannot attempt to collect debt discharged in bankruptcy.
  9. A debt collector must not make excessive phone calls.
  10. A debt collector may not call you at work if they know that your employer does not approve of debt collection phone calls.
  11. A debt collector may not use profane language or threaten you with violence.
  12. A debt collector may not make misrepresentations to you to try to trick you into paying the debt.
  13. There are also dozens of laws under the FDCPA that debt collectors have to abide by in mailing a collection letter to debtors. We offer free reviews of collection letters that you deem harassing or deceptive to evaluate whether it violates the law. You could be entitled to money damages!

View more violations at How to Stop Debt Collector Harassment

Keep all documentation of evidence of any harassment, this could include phone screenshots, voicemails, and collection letters. We will review your case for free. 

What can you recover from MCM for violating your rights?

The FDCPA allows you to recover up to $1,000 as statutory damages for your rights being violated. Further, you can recover your actual damages – for example, if you had to go see a therapist because of the emotional distress caused by the harassment, you can recover those costs. 

You might be thinking – do I have to pay 30% of what I recover to my attorney? The answer is: never with us. Whereas some areas of law, like personal injury, attorneys recover their fees from a percentage of whatever they recover, that is not how it works in these types of cases. An attorney can recover its fees from the Defendant in these cases. After a lawsuit is filed against Midland, your attorney can recover its attorney’s fees in either a judgment or a settlement directly from Midland. Thus, if you hire Haseeb Legal to represent you in your case against Midland, you will never have to pay us upfront. Not only that, we do not charge for consultations and case reviews. Consulting with us for your FDCPA claims against Midland will never cost you. Use the contact form to reach out to us today and to let us help you get what you’re owed. 

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