[lab_heading title=”Your credit may be reporting inaccurately after your Ch. 7 bankruptcy discharge and you may be entitled to compensation.”][/lab_heading]

My Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union reports are misreporting my account after my Chapter 7 discharge!

  1. After your bankruptcy discharge, pull your credit reports for free from annualcreditreport.com. This has no impact on your credit.
  2. If any of your accounts that should have been discharged in bankruptcy is reporting as open, late, charged-off, or a balance owing, the reporting may be inaccurate.
  3. Contact us to discuss your options.
  4. We do not charge our clients for legal representation.

What compensation may you be entitled to?

First and foremost, you are entitled to get your credit reporting FIXED!

If the credit bureau DID NOT comply with the law to ensure accurate credit reporting, you could also be entitled to receive up-to $1,000*. We takes these cases at no cost to our clients. The credit bureaus pay our fees in these types of cases


*This is not a guarantee and subject to the merits of your potential claim.

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